Brain Health for KIDZ

Fitness And Fun For Young Bodies & Brains!

4EverFit4KIDZ  is the kids’ version of Ageless Grace!  It’s a fun and engaging way to exercise in a chair for all children.   Based on the science of neuroplasticity, this program supports both physical and brain development, and it helps increase social skills, creativity and confidence.

4EverFit4KIDZ can be used in a school class environment as a great brain break, or as a lesson in itself.  It’s Physical Education that can be done in the classroom in any weather, with great music and lots of laughs along the way!

Fitness And Fun For Young Bodies & Brains!

As children grow and develop, their need for movement exceeds that of adults. Children need to move not only to grow their bodies and use up stored energy but also they use movement to create the foundation of their neurological system.

4EverFit4KIDZ!™ provides children the opportunity to perform those necessary movements for skill development in a very fun and playful manner. The 21 movement patterns performed by 4EverFit4KIDZ!™ help kids develop and refine bilateral integration skills, hand eye coordination, and sensory processing skills. Children crave movement that their body’s need, in order to develop, grow and achieve, and succeed in all important tasks. 4EverFit4KIDZ!™  captures the essence of play and is a movement program where kids can play, express their freedom and increase foundational neural pathways for increased skill development.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the KIDZ!™ products goes to fund scholarships for children and teachers all over the world.