Classes & Courses

The Ageless Grace Programme is Ideal for:

All Ages & Abilities welcome! Anyone who wants to stay cognitively fit and vibrant through the stimulation of neuroplasticity

Special populations, including those with physical or mental limitations

Health and Fitness professionals desiring brain health skills on their resume

Certification for PTs, OTs, and Medical Professionals

Retirement Communities Love Ageless Grace

Caregivers working with special populations

School Teachers – Preschool & Primary School

Ways to Learn & Apply Ageless Grace to your Lifestyle

Zoom | Public Class

We have classes to suit your needs. Live on zoom classes are still on offer. Watch our social media when we will be commencing with public classes. Each of the brain-changing tools also focus on a primary physical skills for lifelong optimal function.

4 Hr Personal Practice Workshop

Learn the 21 Ageless Grace Exercise Tools, which you can apply to your lifestyle with ease and comfort in your own living space, practicing for only 10 min a day, on your own, for ongoing neuroplasticity. All ages are welcome!

14 Hrs Professional Ageless Grace Instructor Certification

Teach Ageless Grace Exercises | Become an Instructor | Supplement your Income. Book your seat to get Professionally Certified. Add Neuroplasticity to your resume. Our certification course is internationally recognised.

6 Hr Teacher’s Classroom Exercise Certification

If you are a School Teacher interested in teaching your Classroom students this brain health exercise programme based on the cutting edge science of Neuroplasticity. Book your seat to Learn the 21 Ageless Grace Exercise Tools to Teach children from ages 4+ to mid-teens in a classroom setting. Any Teacher wanting to use brief “brain breaks” to help their students develop both physical and cognitive skills and grow strong and healthy through stimulation of neuroplasticity, or Teachers working with special populations, including those on the autism spectrum, with ADD or ADHD or with physical or mental limitations. ~ this is the Certification for you!

Why Become an educator

- Help Loved ones, clients patients live better, longer
- Teaching our Brain Health fitness programme is also fun
- Earn extra income

Certification for physios, OTs and Medical Professional

- Earn CE hours (varies)
- Ability to Ageless Grace as a research and measurement tool
- Cutting edge brain fitness programme

Certification for facilities - retirement communities love ageless grace

- Cutting-edge brain fitness programme that residents look forward too
- Sets your retirement community apart
- Keeps you ahead of the curve - "neuroplasticity" is about brain health
- Works with your schedule: get certified in person or online
- Group Discounts