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Health & Fitness

Brain Health Fitness Programme – Ageless Grace® is a fun, simple health & fitness program. You can exercise – seated or standing. The 21 simple exercises based on the science of neuroplasticity work all parts of the body and brain in ways that help develop, maintain or regenerate our functionality.

From children, to adults and beyond to our senior years anyone can enjoy the body and brain benefits that Ageless Grace brings with its simple, fun, playful exercises. Want to learn to react to change? Ageless Grace® will help. Want to sharpen your cognitive ability? Ageless Grace® will help with that. Want to help improve your balance? Try Ageless Grace®. Want to have fun while exercising with others? Come to Ageless Grace®.

Standing stretch using a chair
exercise for older people
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How often do you wake up in the morning and wonder what your bed did to you in the night?
Many of us expect that as we age our joints will become stiff, our walking speed may slow down; we may want to sleep more.

As we age, many of our fears and expectations can be grouped into the following:

Fear of Falling

Loss of Cognitive Function

Loss of Strength and Mobility

Loss of Coordination


Freedom of Movement

Cardio Conditioning