What Is Neuroplasticity ?

Each tool addresses a primary factor that causes aging in the body — each tool provides many secondary fitness benefits — all 21 tools stimulate and utilize the five areas of the brain – analytical thinking, strategic planning, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall and creativity and imagination! Ageless Grace works by re-opening the neural pathways that were created from the time you were born until approximately the age of 21 years old. Functional and cognitive skills were developed through typical childhood games, sports and activities that are now no longer “practiced” as adults. The 21 Tools of Ageless Grace re-open those pathways and, equally important, create new ones by practicing functional movements we don’t already know how to do.

Practicing, remembering and learning these simple skills allow positive results to come surprisingly quickly – much like remembering how to ride a bicycle after many years. These aspects of movement practice combine as the process of neuroplasticity, (the ability of the brain and nervous system to change structurally and functionally), and are vital to active aging and youthful function.

The movement Tools of Ageless Grace are organic rather than choreographed, and focus on using the core to stimulate cognitive function and physical function simultaneously. The Tools are practiced using a chair for stability and range of motion.

Ageless Grace is a profound body of work that provides amazing results in all ages — yet it simple to learn, playful, easy to do – and FUN! It may change the model of aging in America – and the world! – and change the quality of function in your own future.